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Tiny Epic Galaxies Beyond the Black is a full-box expansion to Tiny Epic Galaxies and requiresTiny Epic Galaxies to play. It is not a stand-alone game.

For your convenience the original Tiny Epic Galaxies is available on this project and will ship with Tiny Epic Galaxies Beyond the Black. It is also available for immediate purchase and delivery HERE, if you’d rather not wait. If you’re a retailer and would like to carry Tiny Epic Galaxies please inquire HERE.

If you are wanting to learn more about Tiny Epic Galaxies, please visit the original Kickstarter page HERE.

KickstarterGame Overview

TEG Beyond the Black expands Tiny Epic Galaxies in a few ways:

1. Pilots (Variable Powers)! Now players compete to hire the best pilots, with powerful abilities, in addition to competing over the best planets.PilotsPilots are hired by activating 2, or 3, like dice. You activate 2 like dice if the pilot you’re hiring is trained to fly the ship you’re assigning them to, or you activate 3 like dice if you need to assign the pilot to a ship they are not trained to fly.


2. Exploration (Press-Your-Luck)! Now you can send your ships into unexplored space on a hunt for resources or exploration badges! But beware, you may end up in the orbit of a black hole or being forced to lose resources of your own. To explore, you simply move a ship onto the exploration card. Then, if there are any exploration cards face up, you may take one. OR, you can flip over the top card of the deck, if it’s red, you must take it and stop exploring. If it’s green, you can take it, or go again until 3 exploration cards are face up, at which point you would have to take the next card you flip.

Tiny Epic Galaxies Exploration3. Badges (Set-Collection)! Thought you had a handle on everyone’s scores in Tiny Epic Galaxies?? Now you’ll have to think again. Players will be collecting exploration badges from pilots they hire and exploration cards they acquire. After the game is over, players are rewarded bonus victory points for each badge type they have the most of. These points can stack up fast and provide opportunities for come-from-behind victories!

Explorations Badges


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