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Gamelyn Games, LLC is game publishing company based out of Arizona best known for their hit series, “Tiny Epic”. Founded by Michael and Brittany Coe in 2012. Gamelyn Games is known for delivering thought provoking, high quality and affordable products with top notch customer service.
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Meet the Team

Michael Coe

Michael Coe – CEO

Michael comes from a large family of 13. When he was young he developed a passion for games and the performer arts. The latter he developed all through his academic years, the former during his free time.

He graduated with Honors from Scottsdale Community College with an Associates of Applied Science for Motion Picture and Television Production. His acting credits include screen time with Chris Pratt, Kate Mara, Gregory Smith and other notable actors.

Michael began designing and publishing tabletop games in 2011, funding them through Kickstarter. In only a few years he has successfully funded over 10 Kickstarter projects for a collective sum of over $2M. His most notable publications are in the award winning series of small box games by designer Scott Almes called “Tiny Epic”, the series is consistently among the most backed board game projects in Kickstarter history.

His deep passion for games is evident in his work, continually raising the bar for himself and remaining true to the craft. And in his Twin Galaxies World Champion title for The Legend of Zelda on the NES!

He and his wife, Brittany, live with their daughter Jolene in Queen Creek, AZ. where they own and operate Gamelyn Games and hope to continue publishing games for the foreseeable future.

Check out Michael’s IMDB page.


Brittany Coe – Co-Founder

Brittany is an artist and she lives life with passion and inspiration. From first place awards in track and field to numerous TV spots, she has always chased her dreams, even so far as singing in the Notre Dame and Le Mont Saint-Michel Cathedrals in France. Brittany also has a deep passion for health and athletics and is an experienced fitness model.


Nathan Hatfield – Sales and Operations Manager

Nathan Hatfield

Nathan exemplifies great passion and responsibility. His 7+ year technical background experience in the SaaS (software as a service) industry has set him up for success with growing Gamelyn Games.

“Being in a creative roll is exciting as it is all about portraying stories/ideas quickly and effectively.
Together we will all bring gaming to new crest of SUCCESS.” -Nathan

Learn about Gamelyn Games new Venture FOUNDATION PUBLISHING!


11 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I love Ultra Tiny Epic Kingdoms while traveling for it’s great portability while still being “a real game”.

    Do you have any plans for making a similar version of Tiny Epic Galaxies into Ultra Tiny Epic Galaxies?

    If not, please consider it as I would certainly buy it.

    Thank you,


  2. Hi,
    Yesterday I Bought a copy of “Ultra-Tiny Epic Kingdoms” and I see my order number in the web (3002) but I didn’t recieve any mail confirmating the proccess.
    It’s normal or something goes wrong?

    Could you send me an email with the tracking number when you send the package?

    Thank you 🙂

  3. I just purchased TEG Beyond the Black, I am so excited about that. I am new to TEG–purchased recently and have played 3 times, since sleeving the cards and and I love it–absolutely enjoyed playing. How can I get extra copies of the Activation Bay cards and the Dice? When I play w/ a larger group, I would prefer players to have their own dice and Activation Bays. How does one get extra copies–I guess I would like to host my game night Wil Wheaton style 🙂


  4. Good morning, I was looking to order Tiny Epic Kingdoms 2d Ed upgrade kit, and it says that shipping is free, but when I go to check out it adds $4.95 shipping? I was jst wondering if this is correct. Thx, Brian.

  5. hello~ i am a big fan of tiny epic series~
    I wanna be a backer of Heroes’ of Land, Air & Sea . but it is too expensive shipping fee to south korea.(i live in south korea..) south korea is next to china.. can u check for reasonable fee about this? 60 bucks are too expensive for shipping to south korea..(hongkong, singapore are farther than south korea from china~)
    and i think, there are many fan who wanna get this game like me, in south korea.

    i’m waiting for your response~

  6. Hello. I purchased a copy of Tiny Epic Galaxies: Beyond the Black Deluxe from the pledge manager and it’s showing as delivered, but my copy never came. I did not purchase through the Kickstarter, but rather afterwards through the “late backing” in the pledge manager for Tiny Epic Quest.

    Have the copies of TTiny Epic Galaxies: Beyond the Black Deluxe edition shipped yet? Could you look into whether my copy was somehow lost or forgotten?


  7. Dear Team. The game group I am in have Tiny epic Galaxy, Western and will be getting Quest as well from KS. While the Tiny Epic Quest game mat is not there at present. Are you able to combine shipping for the 3 game mats to the UK, at present that is what will be stopping us from getting the mats. Many thanks, Sean

  8. Two things.

    1. I’m late to the Land Air and Sea Party. ANy chance I can still get in?
    2. I had the chance to play Epic Galaxies with BTB and regret not getting the awesome play mats. %53 seems a bit steep. Any chance I can get them for like $43 delivered ($10 break). Thanks, Love the work you guys are doing over there. Keep it up.

  9. I am trying to buy Tiny epic galaxies, and beyond the black, but I can’t check out on your site. I keep getting told your site is not configured correctly, and is not secure. I tried with multiple browsers. I would really like to give you money, but……

  10. I am TOO trying to buy Tiny epic galaxies, and beyond the black, but I can’t check out on your site. I keep getting told your site is not configured correctly, and is not secure. I tried with multiple browsers. I would really like to give you money, but……

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